The last thing you want to hear from your dentist is that you need a root canal. If you’re most people, the first thing you think about is pain, pain, and more pain. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

At Endodontic Associates of Central Texas, we use and highly recommend the advanced GentleWave® Procedure as an alternative to root canal treatment.  Here’s why:

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The GentleWave Procedure is a breakthrough alternative to standard root canal treatment. The latest and most innovative technology in the field of endodontics, GentleWave is a quantum leap ahead, causing less pain, taking less time, and cleaning deeper than any root canal treatment has before.

gentlewave dentists central texas


Multi-rooted teeth have an intricate system of channels to house nerves and blood vessels. While traditional methods adequately clean the main channels, they don’t do as well cleaning the complex channels. GentleWave specifically addresses this issue, reaching into these microscopic spaces.

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gentlewave dentists central texas


Standard root canal treatment can’t provide the same level of debridement and disinfection as the GentleWave Procedure can, and often leave behind tissue that can lead to reinfection. GentleWave, however, cleans and disinfects the entire root canal system, leaving less chance for failure.

Traditional Root Canal Treatment
vs. the GentleWave Procedure

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A root canal is necessary when the pulp – or the soft tissue located inside the root of the tooth – becomes inflamed or infected. This has most likely been caused by either deep decay due to a cavity or a crack in the tooth, or an injury to the tooth that has caused pulp damage.


Although some people opt for having the tooth pulled, most dentists and endodontists recommend having a root canal in order to save the tooth and prevent problems down the road such as bone loss and shifting teeth.


Traditional root canal treatment uses various small files down inside the tooth to remove infected tissue mechanically. However, the canal system inside your tooth is quite complex. There are areas that connect with twists or turns that these files, unfortunately, can’t reach. The bacteria left behind will continue to multiply and can cause the infection to return, often resulting in the root canal needing to be redone, or even to the loss of your tooth.


However, this doesn’t happen with the GentleWave Procedure.


GentleWave uses sound waves in combination with continuous irrigation to clean and disinfect the entire network of complex canals in just a matter of minutes. In addition, GentleWave also allows us to conserve more tooth structure, leaving the roots stronger to help resist fracture under heavy chewing force.

Can a Root Canal Actually Be Comfortable?

People have strong perceptions about root canals—that they’re scary, painful, and take forever. But thanks to the GentleWave Procedure, people are beginning to rethink their feelings about root canals.


Patients love the GentleWave procedure, which they describe as more comfortable than standard root canal treatment. This minimally invasive root canal procedure can usually be completed in just one session and is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there’s less chance of failure over time.


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gentlewave dentists central texas

Advanced Technology

GentleWave’s multisonic technology generates multiple acoustic frequencies at the same time. This technology is paired with optimized procedure fluids so even the most complex portions of the root system get cleaned.

gentlewave dentists central texas

Cleans Microscopically

GentleWave’s broad spectrum of acoustic energy allows fluids to travel throughout your root canal system removing tissue and disinfecting complex root systems and microscopic spaces where bacteria can hide.

gentlewave dentists central texas

Minimally Invasive

The GentleWave Procedure replaces most of the instruments used in standard root canal treatment with a vortex of fluids and acoustic energy. Most patients describe the GentleWave procedure as actually being comfortable.

gentlewave dentists central texas

Saves Tooth Structure

Manual root canal instruments can’t always reach everywhere and sometimes leaves behind debris that can cause root canal failure. But GentleWave reaches everywhere, drastically reducing the chance of root canal retreatments.


The GentleWave Procedure cleans where traditional root canal treatment can’t.

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Meet Dr. Ford

Dr. Michael Ford, DDS, MS, tells everyone that the GentleWave Procedure is a game-changing technology. In fact, he was one of the first endodontists, in Texas, to incorporate it into his practice.


With the incorporation of the GentleWave Procedure into his practice, Dr. Ford knows he can now offer his patients a far superior level of root canal treatment than ever before.


“GentleWave is truly amazing technology,” Dr. Ford says. “Patients love the fact that it is truly a ‘gentle-procedure’ and instead of two to four visits, they only have to come in once!”

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Read More About Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1981 at THE Ohio State University, majoring in Social and Behavioral Sciences. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1985 again from The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, Columbus, Ohio.


In 1995, Dr. Ford completed his post-graduate specialty training in Endodontics at Ft Gordon, GA and earned a Master’s degree in Oral Biology from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta. His thesis paper was entitled: “The Wear and Cutting Efficiency of Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files.”


Serving in the US Air Force in 1972-76, and the US Army from 1985-2001, Dr. Ford enjoys spending his “not-working” time with his wife of 50+ years, and their six grandchildren.


Although Dr. Ford is an Ohio native, since their marriage in 1973, he and his wife Sandy have lived in the great Texas cities of Wichita Falls (73-76), San Antonio (90-91), Harker Heights (95-03), and now Belton. They love the Lone Star State, wherever they go.


He is an amateur astronomer, a VERY amateur ranch and wildlife manager, and even more amateur drone pilot.  He very much enjoys the peace, calm and quiet of recreational scuba diving with his family.



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